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For centuries many men have been taught that their wives are for “love making” and bearing children, and that their darker sexual desires needed to be expressed elsewhere. Many men did, and still do, hire escorts such as one of the best Ottawa escort listings while others fill their lives with endless affairs. Traditional roles are difficult to break as they have been part of our cultures for centuries.
There are women on the streets or in bars that try to induce men to buy expensive drinks along with the sexual services. Sex usually takes place in a separate but attached building. Prices are mostly set by the bar owner, and the money is shared between the owner and the woman.
Traditionally women have needed sex and intimacy, while men find it easier to “wham bam thank you ma’am”.
Sex without love is possible, many people do it. But sex with love is completely different, hopefully it’s very enjoyable with energy and happiness and no “hangover. It can be a wonderful feeling, but you have to experience it to will understand the difference.
But never forget that sex is more meaningful when love is involved.
“Sex has an important part in life either for evil or good, and it is up to us to decide how we view each sexual encounter, letting outsiders affect how you feel, whether it is “common opinion” or merely the words of your friends, it is how you feel that determines the outcome. We cannot seem to get away from the topic of sex, movies, TV Shows, commercials, everywhere you turn, sex is there. Anybody who would wish to ban sex pictures from the screen, would find it very difficult!
Sex, should never have been left in the hands and control of men as we have left it here. Moreover, the more we continue to do this, the more ashamed and guilty we will become. And, as you know, guilt and shame are accompanied by distortion, deviation, denial and other associated uncontrolled but negative energies. This is so unhealthy, so unnatural and so very against the *natural* flow.
And even worse, it is often hypocritical! Males tend to experiment more than women, but they tend to expect their women to be “pure”.
Sexual pleasure for any woman depends on timing and environment and mood while men are genetically designed to be easier to excite and please. Most women need a some sort of connection to be able to obtain true pleasure from a sexual encounter, however that is where the advantage of an escort service comes in, the only connection is monetary, you pay, they play.
Sex without love may feel empty, and in comparison to the alternative   experiencing intimacy and mutual pleasure with a partner who you love deeply, it’s just not worth the effort.
Sexual intercourse typically plays a powerful bonding role; in many societies it is normal for couples to have frequent intercourse while using birth control, sharing pleasure and strengthening their emotional bond through sex even though they are deliberately avoiding pregnancy.
Sex often takes place without emotional intimacy, casual hook ups, one night stands, paid for sex, all examples where emotional intimacy is completely void. Emotional intimacy brings a whole new dimension to sex, it takes it to a level where sexual desire and a need to be totally immersed mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically fuses into one, resulting in additional heights of ecstasy. IF you’ve ever experienced making love with someone you’re in love with, and they you, you will know EXACTLY what I mean. Emotional intimacy produces a psychological trigger that occurs when the feelings between two people, expose vulnerability, experiences of life, friends, family, hopes, dreams, fears and aspirations which blossom into a mutual sharing and exchange of each other’s innermost thoughts and feelings.